Monday, December 20, 2010

Watch Our Devo!

Why We Like Coffee Shops So Much

Today I figured out some reasons why our family likes coffee shops. As I pay $1.50 for a kids hot cocoa, I sometimes think ,"Why am I paying this much money for this drink that I could make at home for a fraction of the price?". Honestly, some days, it makes no sense. But on other days it makes all the sense in the world.

#10. It feels like we are going to a restaurant, but everyone can get something and we can spend less than $10 and still have a sit down experience (without having to pay gratuity).

#9. I think the smell of coffee helps me relax and calm down. Great music in the coffee in the the coffee shop can help with this one.

#8. Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee by myself, even if just for 20 minutes, provides a great break in a hectic day.

#7. We have great conversation when we go out as a family. The kids get to practice their restaurant manners, like keeping their bums in the chair, drinking nicely, wiping their face with the napkin (instead of their sleeves), and keeping their voices low.

#6. The kids also get to practice their conversation skills. You know, social skills are really important. My girls like this one. I ask, "So how are you doing today?" and then I wait for their response. It can be quite amusing to watch them try to communicate like grown up's.

#5. I don't have to prepare anything!

#4. It's a cheap date. We went to Starbucks to celebrate our 6th anniversary. I'm just trying to say! When you only have $8 to celebrate with, a free babysitter and 2 hours together can make quite the date!

#3. SUGAR! (enough said)

#2. It's s great way to warm up in the dead of winter. It warms you up from the inside out. Even just holding the cup warms up my hands. I love that!

#1. It's another fitting place, other than home, that we can enjoy one another and friends.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brrrrr! It's Cold!

Although it has not snowed yet, it is freezing cold! You know the annoying cold where you can't get warm no matter how hard you try? Well, that is how it's been in MO the last couple days and I can barely stand it! The worst sensation in the whole world is being cold and not being able to get warm. Sometimes the only thing I can do to thaw out my feet is take a warm shower.

It is even cold indoors! I am going have to start taking an electrical blanket to keep me warm wherever I go. I think I might even have to wear multiple layers under my clothes. All the Missourian say, "Yup yup!"

Missouri has this crazy moist wind that cuts right through you. I don't remember Colorado feeling this cold until the temperatures were super duper low.

Oh Maui, how I miss your temperatures :). Ok, that's enough ranting for now. I'll just have to suck it up and stay close to the fire. BTW, tomorrow we have a high of 22 degrees and a low of 10. Oh the joy ;)