Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Crew In Pomona (Summer 2011)

We got the privilege of going to NLCC in Pomona and worshiping with the crew out there this summer.  We had a blast!  The kids got to go to vacation bible school, and me and Uelese got a chance to sing some of our music for the church and work with their amazing worship team.  At the end of our stay there, we were able to do a two hour harp and bowl set with the worship team.  It was SO good.  We were able to minister with grace.  No heaviness or drudging through the set :o)  Those are the fun one's. We all finished energized!  The debrief was electric and VERY encouraging.  We were all just noticing the best in one another and recognizing that Holy Spirit really was teaching us how to sing the bible... and it was enjoyable and EASY.

Per the wonderful Pastor Craig's hospitality, we went on two expeditions that we will never forget!  One thing that is true about the New Life crew is that they PRAY hard and they PLAY hard.  A FUN bunch of folks to be around.