Sunday, December 4, 2011


I thought I would debrief on the devo today... mostly to let you know that you can't tune in live anymore, LOL!  It was real good.  The main theme through the whole thing was; It's totally awesome to be loving a God so merciful that He would set us apart for Himself and give us the great honor of singing His praises.  Any way you look at it, us humans totally getting the better part of the deal!  My favorite part was the last 30 minutes, just cuz it was a new vibe/style we haven't played before.  Big time prop's to Kaeo again!  He brought it!  If you want to watch it...

 CLICK HERE (Devo, 6pm, Sunday, Dec. 4)

Thanks for all of the texts from our friends who tuned in all over the world.  We love you guys and we love it that you are in our lives.

Ok, I gotta catch some zzzz's. Aloha.

P.S.  I have great news about the Little Songbirds EP, but I will save it for tomorrow. (sneaky sneaky)

P.S.S.  I have more news about some other music we've done that will soon be available to you!


  1. fabulous... such a highlight whenever you're on .. blessings from The Land Down Under

  2. Got to sit in on Friday night, really enjoyed it. Thanks so much.