Saturday, November 12, 2011

Raving Review from A Real Life Mommy -Marisol

I have played the unfinished tracks for some of my mommy friends in KC. Here is the feedback from the first mom, my friend Marisol... So. It was a beautiful blue sky day here in Kansas City and I decided that I was going to head to the store to run an errand. I was planning on being quick and not being out of the house too long. Before heading into Wal-Mart,I figured it would be a good time to go through the car wash since my almost one year old son, Elisha, was sleeping so cozy in the back seat. Perfect time to get the truck cleaned and vacuumed out.  I turn into the car wash, pay my 7 bucks, and head on through to get the truck the long over due bath time she so desperately needed. I figured I go the extra mile and vacuum the interior as well. All this and not a peep from Elisha mind you. There I am. Done and headed for Wal-mart, yes? Not a chance. Keys are in the ignition, turned, and click-click. Nada. No juice left in the battery. Ugh! This is the second time in one week. I may have actually cussed in my head.  I called my husband, Efrain, and didn't even say hello when he answered. "I'm at the car wash and the car isn't starting," I said (or something to that effect). He called Uelese, for the second time this week, and asked for a jump. I felt horrible! I know how tight their schedule is already and here we are calling on them to come and help. But praise the Lamb, they are family. We love them so much. I remember when I called Uelese a few days ago to tell him that Efrain needed a jump and there was no hesitation from him to go and help. I love this family.  While Uelese was doing his thing under the hood, I hopped in the car with Rachel and chatted and then listened to some of the songs from the cd they're working on. First, I have to say that I was super excited when I found out that they were working on this. As a mom, I am trying to find ways to get the Word into my boys in a way that is fun, but not corny. Now I'm not saying that all kids worship music is corny, but some of it is. Kids get more than we give them credit for. I definitely want music that is going to engage them but not lack the depth that is the Word of God. I mean, this cd has a lull-a-bye that is written from the perspective of Revelation 5 after Jesus opens the 7th seal and there is a 30 minute silence in heaven. Really? Who writes that for a kids cd? And it is beautiful. I mean, I sat there in that car listening, and all three little Faagutus were in the back seat singing along--singing deep truths that most adults don't even know exist in the Bible. This is something special people. I was sitting there listening to it and I seriously cannot wait for this to be played in my home. Not only is it chalked full of Truth, but it's completely Rachel and Uelese--they brought themselves to this. It is kissed with Island groove and this mama is going to really appreciate that on those days where I wish I could be whisked away to an ocean getaway. Any remnant of the islands helps in those days so this will certainly do the trick:o) So all of this to say, it was a little kink in our day, but a a wonderful reminder that our Father is raising up musicians that love Him and are faithful to lay down their agendas and follow Him. This mama is so grateful.


  1. can't wait for this! i'm so excited for nov. 25th! :D


    your on my blog dude! Love you guys. Thank you for letting us be apart of your lives.