Saturday, November 5, 2011

VIDEO UPDATE! - Kids Album & Today's IHOP Devo

Yoyoyoyoyoyo! (the faster you say it, the funner it sounds :o)  I am so excited!  My friend Mari gave me a huge tip for blogging - VIDEO BLOG!  So for those who don't have time to read my mini-books, watch this video. (btw, I am neither the world's greatest photographer or videographer, lol!  So please excuse the poor lighting, fuzzy sound and blurry pics.  I am doing the best I can just to remember to take the camera with me! Enjoy :o)

For those of who do have time :o)  This morning we went to Paco's studio this morning and tracked the kids vocals for the EP.  EP means a 4 to 5 song snapshot of the full length album (8 or more songs).  It was three hours of recording mixed with mandatory play time on the swing set outside :o)  How else do you keep six year old's focused for that long?  I wanna say thanks to Kahi, Bella, Lei, Noah, Kristine, Kala'i, Alyssa, Zoe, Mana, Francis, Kamealoha, and Keala.  You guys did such an awesome job today!


After finishing at the studio, we ran over to the House of Prayer and got ready for the devo.  A little inside scoop... usually devo's are 2 hours long.  That's a long time to play the guitar by yourself!  But today it was only 1 hour, which is completely doable.  I think I was so excited from recording that all I wanted to do was praise praise praise! So as soon as my ears could get adjusted to the sound on the stage, I started in on declaring God's goodness.

For those of you who are going to go back and watch it, make sure you watch till about minute 43. Side-Note - This is the fun part about our devo's... everything is spontaneous.  We never have a song list.  We go on stage with a bunch of songs we could do, but we let Holy Spirit steer us into whatever melodies, rhythms or phrases.  At 43 minutes in, my husband motioned to our children and our friends (that had just spent the morning singing for the album, another Hawaiian family here in KC), up onto the stage!!  The kids sang with us and it was SO sweet.  The prayer room felt like a giant living room for the family of God to rejoice in our Father's love.


  1. I love it, your children are too cute. I love the flavor/sound/culture you bring. Reminds me of Nigerian worship. God bless you and your family as you continue to worship and minister.

  2. xtina,
    Bless you and thank you so much for your encouraging words.ALOHA