Friday, July 22, 2011

Backtracking to Hawaii in January

I think this is where we left off last.  O yeah, at the point where I hit technical difficulties and just gave up :o)  Btw, that's the thing about technology that is so hard!!   It is always changing.

Anyhow, now the story begins.  At the end of January and beginning of February of this year, 3 major snow storms SLAMMED into KC with freezing temperatures, bitter wind, ice and snow.  But did we have to deal with that????  NO!  Because we were in Hawaii!  LOL!  I just giggle thinking about it.

Yes, our family flew us home, to the beautiful and superior island of MAUI!  (That was a friendly jab at all you others from different islands) And boy did we have a blast.  Everything from shave ice, to Ma'alaea beach, dinner at Kimo's, my dad's retirement party and my mom's emergency surgery (yes, weird, those last two events happened in the same 24 hour period).

Where would you rather be?

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