Friday, July 22, 2011

Teaching King's Cathedral Choir - "Jesus You're Beautiful" (Jan 2011)


SStraightaway, my sister Pua and her husband, invited us to teach the choir about intimacy with Jesus. We taught on David and how the Lord's eyes are always looking for hearts that would return love to Him. The teaching bloomed into an invitation to lead the whole congregation in a new song with the choir. So over the next two weeks, we returned and taught them "Jesus You're Beautiful" by Jon Thurlow. 

Finally, after 3 weeks of practicing together, we got to minister the song to the Lord and the congregation. It was so sweet. The people at KC Maui were so hungry for the Lord and very tender in His presence. It was a moment in which Holy Spirit testified of the beauty of Jesus. After we were done, the song was stuck in everyone's head and heart, "Jesus, You're Beautiful!"  I will try to link the VIDEO so you can see too.

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