Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas in October? O YEAH!

Well, here's another random fact about me.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  My hubby and I have had the same tree since the first year we got married.  I love decorating it.  I've got a red and gold theme with angels added in.  I love Christmas carols.  Even now, on October 11th, as I write this blog entry, I am listening to them on Pandora.  I start craving peppermint as soon as the weather starts changing.  I even have a plug-in fragrance upstairs in our living room giving off the beautiful aroma of fall.  Okay, well I bought the Christmas Febreeze plug-in's at Costco, but didn't have the guts to use them until Nov. 1st!  Come on, how crazy do you think that I am?  Give me some credit here! :o)

'Twas the night before
Christmas... October 1st.
Well my wonderful sister Lika (and her daughter) stayed with us this summer.  As I have mentioned, she is a missionary in Africa with her family.  This means that we've never had the chance to spend a Christmas with her.  So this year, after her time in Missouri drew to an end (October 2nd), we decided to have Christmas!  We figured that if she couldn't be here for Christmas, then we would move the whole holiday, gifts and all, to the time when we could all enjoy it together... the first weekend in October.  Now you really think I am loony, don't you?

On the evening of the 1st, my hubby and I set up the tree, and I cooked a Christmas turkey.  Our Christmas dinner the next day was complete with turkey and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly, chocolate peppermint mini-cakes and gifts to go around.  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed it!  We made a memory.  It's something you gotta learn how to do when your kids are young... make little changes SUPER special.  Little things like a can of whipped cream and a bag of peppermint sprinkles can help kids always remember that year when the had TWO Christmases.

So here are some pic's.  Enjoy!  And by the way, NO, I am NOT taking the tree down until January!

My son got a Halloween costume/pajama set :o)
So creative, aren't I?

Merry Christmas!!

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