Monday, October 3, 2011

Dolphins Are Friends? (Summer 2011)

Pastor Craig and the gang took us out on the water.  We got a chance to be right in the middle of a scene from "Finding Nemo".  We were boating underneath a bunch of pelicans that were dive bombing into the water and pushing fish up for the dolphin to eat.  For almost the whole time we were out on the water, there were schools of dolphins swimming alongside the boat.  They were so close that we could reach out into the water and touch them!  It was amazing.  Now I am not the tree-huggin', dolphin-pettin' type, but it felt like we were right in the middle of a God ordained moment.  Don't tell anyone, but I actually started to cry during the experience.  I remember thinking, "Why am I crying?"  This is the only conclusion I could come to...  of all of the places we could have experienced God's presence during a ministry trip, who would've thought it would be on a boat in the water out among all of those creatures God created and on the sea that God formed and told where it's edges would be.  Pastor Craig said that what happened that day has only happened to him twice in his life.  I think we all realized that God wanted to make the day special for all of us.  You can hear everyone on the boat, even the adults, totally hooting and shouting in awe and excitement.  Enjoy the video :o)  

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