Monday, October 3, 2011

Is Anybody Listening? (Summer 2011)

As we journeyed back eastward from California, we stopped by The Wall in Colorado Springs.  The Wall is a prayer room that is a sister ministry of Every Home for Christ.  We have many friends who work at The Wall.  Full time intercessors who pray and worship as a vocation.  We got the amazing opportunity to sing there for a 2 hour set.  It was a worship with the word and we focused on Psalm 23.

The set was HILARIOUS!  Have you ever had one of those days when you were so tired that you started mixing up words in a sentence.  Like instead of saying, "I'd like a piece of gum please", you say, "I'd like a geese of plum please."  Well I was tired from driving 10 hours and.......

The briefing room at The Wall

The kids and their friend Zion waiting for us to finish

So me and Mr. Island Wonder (stage name for my husband :o)... have this one chorus that we love to sing from Song of Solomon.  The words are -

Let me see your face
Let me hear your voice
For your voice is sweet
And your face is lovely

Well we started the set, and the room absolutely emptied!... which is not uncommon for ministry in prayer rooms.  There was an important meeting during our set time, so it was convenient for us to do the set in the prayer room so that all the regulars could go get encouraged by their leaders.  Needless to say, but I will anyway,
 Your mind starts racing through all of these questions like, "what am I doing here?"  and statements like, "we could've done this at home in our living room".  All the while, the songs keep flowing out of your mouth as you are trying to keep your heart right because you are mindful of the fact that the Lord is listening mostly to what is going on in your heart!  So as I am wading through all of this emotional muck and trying to sing a true song to the Lord, with a tired body and worn out mind... these lyrics come out -

Let me hear your face
Let me see your voice
For your voice is sweet
And your face is lovely

I didn't even notice what I had said until my husband burst out in laughter!  It kind of shook me awake :o)  And as I am playing the guitar, he starts repeating what I sang and giggling through it until neither of us could sing because we were laughing so hard.  So for about 5 minutes we tried to pull ourselves together as we laughed until we cried over the soothing rhythms of the guitar.

We were there for the Lord that day.  He enjoyed it!  And we did too.  There was no pressure to perform from the Lord, or the empty room, LOL!!!

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  1. It's hard not to "count heads" in the service -- that's been a trap for (especially) American pastors & worship leaders for a long time. Success as defined in numbers, buildings (the edifice complex) or programs is NOT measuring by the Lord's economy -- and He's the only one who counts!

    I love to drive a couple of hours to Lynchburg HOP to cover a 2 hour set when they have a Burning Hearts Summit (24-36 hours total, usually). Last time, I took a dear accountability brother/fellow singer. I always offer and get the 4-6 am because *someone* needs to cover it and I often work nights in my "tent-making" anyway. But last time, I had to repent of my feelings in wanting lots of people there for David. They few and faithful that were there blessed my socks off and the blessed the Lord.

    Thank God for His steadfast mercies and forgiveness, and that He won't leave us stuck in the error of our ways when we do truly and earnestly repent.