Monday, October 3, 2011

Fijians in New Mexico (Summer 2011)

If you know our family, we can find an islander ANYWHERE!  My husband has an uncanny way of attracting them to us.  Islanders have this unspoken ability to find one another no matter how far from the islands you may be.  Well in our case, as we left California, we were headed to Colorado.  So we decided to stop by at our friends Chris and Heidi's house for a little rest and a MUCH needed hang out time with our long time island friends.  I went to college with Heidi.  She and I have something alike, we both married happy island men who love the Lord... and then moved very far away from the islands.  Being so far away from home has its plus-es and minus-es.  One thing we have learned is that when friends from the islands come to visit, it is like having family there with us.  We laugh at those island jokes (island humor can be very simple), we eat island food (in this case it was Indian, yummy curry and dahl), we tell island stories (which are always loaded with humor) and we sing island songs late into the night... and goodbye's take forever (complete with tears and blessings and the pouring out of affectionate hopes of seeing one another again very soon).

While we were with them, we went to the zoo.  Our kids enjoyed it thoroughly. Our children consider one another cousins :o)   We had good quality time watching these poor animals, imported from all around the world, learn how to adapt to tiny zoo quarters in the middle of the North American continent.  Hey!  Wait a minute, that's how we feel!!!  LOL!  You might ask yourself, "what's a polar bear doing in the desert?"  I did!!  But then again, what is a Samoan doing in Kansas City?  ;o)

These poor guys paced all day long!

Meditative Contemplation :o)

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