Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old DEVO's At IHOP - Oldies, But Goldies

I didn't realize that I have never really put any of the really old stuff that we did up here on the blog.  So I went back into the archives on and I found the first couple devo's we did.  It was around holiday time last year.  We had just been on staff for a couple/few months.  We were straight out of the internship "Intro To IHOP" and getting our lives rocked by the 6 day a week schedule!  We sing at 3, 6am's and 3, 8am's every week.

On this first one, I remember a tremendous healing anointing being poured out during worship and tons of HOPE came at the end.
Healing Devo at IHOP (2pm, Sat, Dec 18th)

This second one, we invited our friend Victor (who just recently got married, CONGRATS Victor) to play the djembe.  It added such a great feel :o)  It was so fun.  Just an hour of sheer happy praise on Christmas Eve. Throw this devo on to take the holiday blues away.
Happy Devo at IHOP (2pm, Fri, Dec. 24th)

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