Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're SO Hardcore! Rockin' an IHOP Chorus...In The Car!

My husband posted this on Facebook, and people loved it so much that I thought I would post it on my blog.  You know when you are in the car, the music is blasting, the windows are down, and the wind is blowing in your hair, and you forget that you're NOT a rock star!  This was one of those days.  We decided to go hard core, as a family!  We all started rapping some lyrics from a spontaneous IHOP chorus during an intercession set for Israel.  Just in case you can't understand what we are saying, here are the lyrics... (my kids love this song!  Way to go, Aaron Leatherdale!)

The rain is coming
The drought can't stand
I see a cloud the size of a man's hand


  1. You should have posted the video where the kids didn't sing and Uelese made stink eye!
    <3 Kris

  2. What CD is that track on? I've definitely heard it before, but can't think of where...