Monday, October 3, 2011

Kids Kamp in Kolorful Kolorado (Summer 2011)

This was definitely one of the highlights of our summer.  We got the amazingly bodacious opportunity to lead worship for the Rez Kids Kamp.  Now, this was like a blast from the past for me, because I used to do kids camps and youth camps in my "younger" years (no specifics are given so as to protect the youthful identity of the writer).

Since those times, not so long ago, I got married and had children of my own, so the game has changed quite a bit.  In KC, we sing with state of the art sound equipment, so we work with an in-ear monitor system that has got us spoiled! And for anyone who has been to summer camps, you know that sound is NOT a priority in most.  So worship ends up being the time to bang away on instruments, in a small room, with acoustics that make everything sound 10 times louder than it is.  But as LOUD as that might sound,  none of it matters when the Spirit of God shows up... and He did come!  There is nothing like a room filled with 4th, 5th and 6th graders singing their hearts out to God with their hands lifted high.  It was so sweet to watch Holy Spirit melt hearts and change lives.  Little pockets of kids start crying, and they don't even know why.  Hearing the God stories after these worship times was awesome.  God really does come when we praise Him, and He knows exactly what each child needs to experience so that they can know Him better.

Our family had a bunch of firsts -  it was the first time that our children ministered with us.  The two younger ones prayed for people.  Our oldest one helped teach the words and motions to a couple songs.

Our kids got to shoot bows and arrows, go put-put golfing, make awesome friends, play goofy camp games, enter the cake decorating contest, eat camp food and worship with other kids who loved God.

Here is some video of LEI TEACHING MOTIONS to a new song

Below is video of the two younger ones PRAYING FOR A TEENAGER

And finally, the CHILDREN WORSHIPING... so sweet!

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